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Learn more about Michael Rosen's stories and adventures by CaptainPlums!

This wiki, based on my story-based YouTube Poops (though there are many who prefer to call it art rather than Poops)

contains information about the stories by CaptainPlums, this includes events, timelines, characters and their backstories,

and many more things. Every time a new Poop is added to CaptainPlums' 'Mighty Poop List', the wiki will be updated.


The Adventures of Michael Rosen Timeline

Welcome to the CaptainPlums WikiEdit

Welcome to the CaptainPlums wiki.

We strive to collect all the information about CaptainPlums' Michael Rosen stories on YouTube. Have a read and have fun around here!

(And when following the story, remember... if a character dies that character will stay dead, unless resurrected. If a character who was dead before shows up in a new Poop, then the character may have a special ability, or it has to do with the timeline. Most Poops aren't released in chronological order, so have a look at the top of this page for a link to the official timeline of The Adventures of Michael Rosen by CaptainPlums.

Latest activityEdit

  • discussion page Thank you.
    comment by CaptainPlums
    A Fandom user

    A Fandom user

    I just want to say that Captain Plum, you are my favorite Michael Rosen YTP maker. At this point, it's not even like normal YTPs. You ... 



    You're very welcome, friend! I'm very glad they bring you joy :-) Comments like these inspire me to keep on going with the videos, e... 

  • edit Joanna Deddles
    edited by A Fandom user diff
  • edit Diarrheafoogle
    edited by A Fandom user diff
  • new page Joanna Deddles
    created by CaptainPlums
    New page: Joanna Deddles Biographical information Other names Deddy Titles The Writer Birth 7 May 1946, Middlesex, England Death 4 July...
    Added photo:
  • new page Ricky
    created by CaptainPlums
    New page: Ricky Biographical information Titles Tomato Fucker Birth 29 February 1946, York, England Death 4 July 1962, England Weapons ...
    Added photo:
  • new page The Banana Raid
    created by CaptainPlums
    New page: The Banana Raid was an event that took place on the 4th of July, 1962, when a group of gorillas went to Michael Rosen's school to plunder the banana...
    Summary: Added page, needs more information though
  • new page Ms. Useless Bitch
    created by CaptainPlums
    New page: Ms. Useless Bitch was apparently a rather useless teacher who worked at the high school Michael Rosen went to during his teenage years. She was...
  • new page Mr Coolio
    created by CaptainPlums
    New page: Mr. Coolio was the coolest teacher in the high school Michael Rosen went to during his teenage years. He is known to be the one who defeated Stevie...
  • edit Stevie McBanana
    edited by CaptainPlums diff
  • new page Stevie McBanana
    created by CaptainPlums
    New page: Stevie McBanana Biographical information Other names Buckybo Titles The Great Ape Birth 9 November 1942, Congo, Africa Death 4...
    Added photo:

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