Harrybo Profile

Harrybo, hooded

Biographical information
Other names The Diarrhea King
Titles Harrybo Company General
Birth August 23rd 1946
Death 2007, Shitty Disaster, later resurrected by the Harrybo Company mad science lab.
Weapons Shitblaster, Magical abilities
Physical description
Species Human
Gender Male
Height 1.90m
Eye color Green
Hair color Greying black
Skin color Light flesh
Chronological and political information
  • The Harrybo Company
  • Unknown

Once Michael Rosen's good friend, now his arch enemy. At one point in his life, Harrybo took over the role as leader and general of The Harrybo Company after his granddad died in the Manchester Airport massacre when his plane blew up. Harrybo had been a part of The Harrybo Company for a long time, since he was a 4-year old, but only at a later point did it teach him to betray those he knew so well for the causes and wishes of the company, of which many things were related to The Rosen Family.

Early lifeEdit

Later life and The Harrybo CompanyEdit


Harrybo of today in full clothing (by AntiTroll1000)