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Michael Rosen
Michael Rosen Profile
Biographical information
Other names Unknown
Titles King of the Fools
Birth 7 May 1946, Middlesex, England
Weapons Shotgun, laser gun
Physical description
Species Human
Gender Male
Height About 1.85m
Eye color Brown
Hair color Grey
Skin color Light flesh
Chronological and political information
  • Poet
  • Children's Novelist
  • British Broadcaster
  • Rumored secret agent
  • Demolitionist
  • None
  • None

Michael Rosen, also known by his full name Michael Wayne Rosen, or a few of his other titles, such as "That crazy plumfucker", King of the Fools and Lord of the Plums, was born on the 7th May, he remembers very well that awful day, in 1946, Middlesex! Heh, Middlesex... I don't know if that's British humor or just a poor attempt at making a location more populated...

Early LifeEdit

Note: Parts (or more than that) of this may be non-canon. There is no indication as of now that any of the following really happened, unless stated otherwise by 'The Creator'.


Michael grew up with his Mum and Dad. His Mum would always send him on acid trips, and threaten to string him up on the wall if he didn't behave. Michael constantly fantasized killing them and his brother.


Michael had an extremely strict teacher at his school. In fact, she was so strict, she wouldn't even allow breathing! One time, his teacher brought in a pimp, and they started making out. According to Michael, "...and my teacher and this male slut begun to make out, nice. It was hot, hotter than two year old girls. The class began to fap vigorously. The teacher then yelled NO FAPPING!". His teacher was killed by him and the kids in his class (both the kids in school prison and dead ones (they got resurrected) with several laser guns on his birthday in 1949.

The Baby SitterEdit

Michael had a baby sitter who was on the run from the police. Michael and his brother constantly sexually harassed her.

Michael Rosen Discovers YTPEdit

Michael Rosen discovered YTP's starring him, and he must
Michael Rosen Duckface

Michael Rosen attempts to do the infamous 'duck face'.

not have watched them at first, because he said that he

"loves seeing his face go in all sorts of weird shapes." He then must've watched one with volume and realized that Poopers were making him say all sorts of "offensive jibberish." Michael proceeded to call Poopers "Pennsylvania Masturbators." He then began taking down as many Michael Rosen Poops as he could find. That didn't do much though, for people reuploaded them and the Pennsylvanian Masturbators prevailed!

Then on one faithful day he gave up, and decided he wanted to become a YouTube star. Captain Plums took note of this realization, and decided to "record" Michael's adventures and lifestory into a series of YTPs with the consult of Michael Rosen himself.

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