A skyfoogle is a creature that is very terrifying and is the fiercest animal in the world. It powers are very dangerous and can kill a person in 3 hits. It's powers are summoning death plums, punch with their fingernails, and crapping out toenails ate a very fast rate. It's origins are from the 1300s or 1250s, and it can also fly.


Normal skyfoogle

The normal skyfoogle is most common skyfoogle ever in history, even know they look like sonic, they are not that fast and must fly with it's spiky hair. Many people kill this type to get food and clothing materials easily.

Demonic skyfoogle aka Bloodfoogle


A demonic skyfoogle aka bloodfoogle from hell gets it's name because it drinks blood. their main target are angels, jesus christ, and god. It powers are drowning people in a pool of blood while the target is forced to laugh like crazy without magic powers, eating their souls and organs quick, and breathing fire like a demonic dragon.



A skyfoogle that is made of snow is a snowfoogle, it is the only skyfoogle that is not fierce. It hugs children and loves babies that are cute. However parents are afraid that this type of skyfoogle will kill them, but it doesn't kill people at all.


Not much is known about this type of skyfoogle, all people know that it kills people with anything that is made from ice.



A acidfoogle is very uncommon and lives in the underground regions of the world. Like the Icefoogle, not much is known about it, all people know about that it sneezes, spits, pees, poops, coughs, and farts out acid


This the rarest type of skyfoogle, although it looks like a acidfoogle but with a sandish color. There are only 1,000 sandfoogles in the world, and each day 50 sandfoogles are born. They very hard to spot and no pictures are known at the time.

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